Valuation and modeling services - key for quantifying the benefits to our clients - ADDING VALUE TO TRANSACTIONS AND BUSSINES RELATIONSHIPS WITH COMPREHENSIVE CORPORATE FINANCE SERVICES

We provide full range of valuation and modeling services, including:
     Valuation of equity
     Asset appraisal
     Business plan composition and consultancy
     Feasibility studies
     Financial forecasting
     Project evaluation

Valuation and modeling services are required by our clients for various purposes, as part of an M&A transaction, for raising financing, project evaluation or various internal purposes

All of our deliverables are prepared in accordance with international valuation standards and as a part of our valuation services we evaluate our clients' needs and other relevant factors in order to assure the use of the most appropriate methods within generally accepted valuation approaches:
     Income approach
     Cost approach
     Market approach

Our team members possess significant experience in modeling which is paired with superb analytical skills enabling us to fully scrutinize business models, micro as well as macro assumptions, and expectations that are used as inputs into valuation models, financing models and business plans.